Herbal Sherpas Blaze Trails!

For some of us… herbal topics play a particularly important part in our lives. But, we often have trouble nailing down the specific reasons as to “why” we feel this way.

This herbal magazine’s objective is to share the love and joy that you can find in exploring one or more of the following herbal dimensions. Our herbal journey includes farm and ranch education, holistic management practices, an historic connection, community, sharing… and a whole lot more.

We have six (6) educational “Tracks”, or channels, which are briefly described below.

As good Herbal Sherpas, we hope to guide your efforts in exploring existing herbal topics as well as to blaze new herbal trails with you!

Enjoy your herbal wellness journey and… Get ready to look, feel and smell your very best!

Phil & Beth Wilson,
Managing Directors

Simples & Worts Herbal Apothecary
and Wellness Gift Shop

Our 6 Tracks and Channels!

We offer both free and fee-based channels, or tracks, which you might be interested in subscribing to when we launch them later this year, and next. Some are for newbies and novices, while others are for professionals, or for those interested in getting into a pro-level career orientation:

Track #1;   Living an Herbal Lifestyle with You! - Free

The free weekly content from our Living an Herbal Lifestyle with You! channel spans the herbal categories listed below. We will keep things interesting with a wonderful and interesting mix of herbal topics, news and community interactions.

We encourage you to enjoy the ride as we, collectively, guide our life journeys across a range of “Herbal Lifestyle Dimensions” spanning these categories:

  1. Herb-related careers and certifications

  2. Herbal history, lore and legend

  3. Herbs and domestic use

  4. Herb research and scientific applications

  5. Herb and plant cultivation, nursery management and “liner business models”

  6. Colonial “potagers”, herb gardens and the lost art of “market gardening”

  7. Herbs as core plantings in your edible landscaping plans

  8. Medicinal and wellness applications

  9. Herbs, spices and their culinary applications

  10. Herbal scent and aromatherapy applications

  11. Herbal art and botanical illustration

  12. Mind, body and spirituality

  13. Herbal decorations and decor

  14. Herbal crafting and gift-making

  15. Herbal community meet-ups, clubs and entertaining

  16. Herbal storytelling topics as a part of living history farms and agricultural museums

  17. Herbs and homesteading

  18. Herbal rejuvenation, health and beauty

  19. Herbal Other (Your thoughts, please!)

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Track #2;    Herbal Market Gardening - $3/mo.

The fee-based monthly content from our Herbal Market Gardening channel centers on our professional experience with herbal plant cultivation practices, products and knowledge. We look forward to sharing our herbal market gardening business history which spans over 20 years of experience and which leverages our historic and more modern farming sites for our herbal farming and lifestyle connections.

We share our experience with the leading market gardening methodologies such as Square Foot Gardening, SPIN farming and others which can significantly boost your farm’s revenue. We will also infuse our market gardening content with team-building techniques and collaborative strategies such as best processes and practices, requirements management, risk management, knowledge management and operational systems.

We are not stuck, solely, on the tenets of historic market gardening. We also love the newest thought leadership associated with soil sciences and the more advanced regenerative agriculture farming concepts of Permaculture…

  • Organic / Ecological Farming

  • Holistic Resource Management

  • Square Foot Gardening

  • Hydroculture

  • Hydroponics

  • Aquaponics

  • Vertical Farming

  • Aeroponics

  • SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) Farming

  • No Till Farming

  • Tissue Culturing

  • Floristry

  • Organic Vegetable Farming

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Track #3;    Herbal Art Collectors Series - $3/mo.

The fee-based monthly content from our Herbal Art Collector Series channel includes a featured herbal plant image, each month, which you can purchase as fine wall art. Each hand-colored herbal plant image is both graceful and historically relevant.

As a subscriber, you have the opportunity to purchase an herbal wall art as single canvas, or as a collections of canvases. Each herbal wall art image comes in two forms; either an historic-looking wood block print form from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, or in an alternative, more modern-looking, herbal image.

We will be starting with common and well-loved herbs such as Lavender, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. You will be our Herbal Community Insiders who get first shot at collecting herbal art for your walls as well as herbal art which will be offered in other product forms, going forward.

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Track #4;     Green Energy and Homesteading - $3/mo.

The fee-based monthly content from our Green Energy and Homesteading channel spans our experience with restoring both an existing farm and building a new residence. We visit core homesteading topics such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, financial considerations and problem-solving and trouble-shooting.

We want to empower homesteaders to embrace sustainable living practices, adopt green energy solutions, and maximize the environmental and financial benefits of their homesteading endeavors. They can provide knowledge, guidance, and support, ultimately helping homesteaders create more resilient and sustainable lifestyles.

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Track #5;    Lost Arts Compendium - Free

The free monthly content from our Lost Arts Compendium channel covers our favorite lost and endangered arts. A lost art refers to a skill, craft, or practice that was once commonly known and practiced but has gradually declined or disappeared over time. It often implies that the knowledge or expertise associated with that particular art form has been lost or is no longer widely practiced.

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Track #6;    O.O.E.E. - $3/mo.

The fee-based monthly content from our “Outrageous Outdoor Eating Events” (OOEE) channel covers large-scale food party and event entertaining with a focus on exciting and highly differentiated themes from around North America and the world at large.

Are you ready to take your backyard grilling and barbeque game to the next level? Are you a professional caterer seeking inspiration to elevate your business? Look no further! We present to you the ultimate food event entertainment series: O.O.E.E. – Outrageous Outdoor Eating Events! Join us for an unforgettable experience of culinary delights, entertainment, and community celebration!

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